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IT organizations are constantly being asked to drive agility, cost optimization or service consolidation. “Doing more with less” is a time worn cliché that has been one of the central themes of the IT industry since its inception. The IT industry is at a point where the velocity of change is at its fastest in history and the challenge is how to capitalize on this velocity in a meaningful and demonstrable way.


Establishing strategies that start with the facts, identifying clear targets and outcomes, and those that jettison historical “obstacles”, “impediments” and “reluctance to change” objections are essential seeds of every winning strategy.


Questioning convention is an important part of how we work:


  • Why re-engineer a 40-year-old business process when the business process shouldn’t exist in the first place because it doesn’t add enterprise value?

  • Why spend tens (or hundreds) of millions of dollars developing, deploying and running an organizational change management program when the market offers very sophisticated “as a Service” models?

  • Who are your customers? Do they really care how gold plated your infrastructure is, as long as it’s secure, reliable and performs?

  • Where are we spending our dollars? Does that make sense? Do we gain any competitive advantage spending at that level? What do our peers spend? What do our customers want?

Stonyhurst has a proven track record of identifying, developing and implementing strategies that harmonize business outcomes, IT providers and suppliers, contracts and IT organizations.


We develop and implement innovative transformation strategies grounded in the realities of organizational, business process and technological change. We start with the facts, collaborate with our clients and suppliers to understand what’s possible, develop business cases and transition approaches that work within the practicalities of time, risk, budget and quality to drive results.


Opportunity, Development and Strategy

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