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Negotiations and Contracting is where the rubber hits the road in strategic sourcing. Squeezing the last penny out of every vendor is generally not a winning approach. Ensuring that deals “make sense” is what's important – removing ambiguities and “gray areas” in contracts, ensuring that scope, quality conventions, mutual obligations, course correction processes and timelines are essential.


Deals must include something for both parties in order to make sense in the first place. Overly rigid contracts and negotiating tactics often create adversarial relationships between clients and suppliers, and it’s something that Stonyhurst seeks to resolve BEFORE contracts are inked. Stonyhurst maintains proprietary negotiation methods that are designed to create win/win relationships between our clients and their suppliers.


We strive to ensure all of our contracts contain “no surprises” to either party and that the Strategy – the reason for sourcing in the first place – is mutually shared, understood and the prime motivator in a relationship. We negotiate fairly, firmly, transparently and with all cards on the table to drive contracting and relationship success.

Complex Negotiations

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