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Every strategy starts with the usual questions “how can we make this happen?”, “how long will it take to see results?” and “how much will it cost?”


Stonyhurst differs from other sourcing firms in that we don’t presume that everything results in a Request for Proposal (RFP).


RFPs are time consuming to develop and costly for vendors to respond to, and if you are lucky, you will select a firm that can implement your strategy. Clients often presume an RFP approach results in identifying the best possible vendor at the best possible price – but how does one ever really know?

Rather than relying on “the usual suspects” over and over again to produce “the same, tired outcomes”, Stonyhurst utilizes innovative vendor engagement models to identify the “right” vendors right up front:

  • Our methods are designed to engage and reward creative vendors who bring the right solutions to solve our client’s problems.

  • We believe openly engaging vendors right up front – in constructive and creative dialogs in the context of our client’s opportunities – is an essential element contributing to winning outcomes.

  • These methods not only encourage competition, but inform the marketplace of what our clients are looking for BEFORE the issuance of an RFP.


Our procurements are generally better attended, have proposals that more closely align with client requirements and are much more competitive.


When a sourcing event does occur, our RFPs are focused on three things: Outcomes, Change and Driving Results.


We obsess over explaining what our client is trying to achieve – as opposed to documenting ancient business models, reams and reams of prescriptive requirements that codify feature/functions of systems or other arcane trivia. We have our vendors explain what changes are required: change in business model, operating process, policies, procedures and how they will partner with our clients to affect this change.


Finally, our RFPs focus on attainment of Results – who is responsible, when, what are the roles, responsibilities and quality standards to manage the work? How do we know we are getting off track, and what must be done to correct our trajectory?

Selecting the best solution, proposal and contractor is just the beginning of what we do.

RFPs are expensive. Get them right.

Sourcing Execution

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