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Below is a portfolio of our clients and the projects we have lead that illustrates the full capabilities of the firm as well as the breadth of our services. 

Stonyhurst Consulting was formed in 2012 as an independent Strategy, Sourcing and Results Management firm. Since our inception we have serviced a variety of companies in both the Private and Public Sector. We have been providing market research, analysis, strategic sourcing and implementation oversight/results management services to some of the largest States and Private Sector leaders in the country.


Stonyhurst Capabilities:


  • Our organizational structure and corporate DNA fosters success by logical partnering with our clients’ business and technical staff to develop and drive successful strategies, source them and build support for the effort and the overall solution;

  • Our team-oriented approach encompasses both Stonyhurst and client staff members to clearly identify communication paths and responsibilities as well as to ensure an overall coherent sourcing and contracting process;

  • The size of our firm empowers our team members to work with independence and close support and coordination with leadership; and

  • Our team includes industry experts who will provide leadership and guidance based on dozens of years of execution and advisory experience.


Benefits to Our Clients:


  • More than just a staffing chart, our Clients benefit from a proven, comprehensive sourcing capability that fosters success and proactively minimizes contracting, implementation and delivery risks;

  • Our firm’s culture, work style and methods have “built-in” collaboration which sets the stage for success across Client leadership and business stakeholder communities;

  • Our Clients benefit from a more nimble and responsive team structure that can work within and make or drive quality decisions within their areas of expertise and leadership; and

  • Our combined expertise and experience in large scale systems across the both the Public and Private Sector, not only reduces risk but enables a faster and more efficient procurement processes.



New York City, Department of Education

  •  IT Procurement Optimization and Opportunity Assessment


State of texas, department of information resources (Dir)

Request for Offer (RFO) Solicitation Development:

  • Private (On Premise) Cloud Services

  • Public Cloud Manager

  • Network Management as a Service

  • Security as a Service (SECaaS)

  • Mainframe as a Service (MFaaS)

  • Print/Mail/Digital Output Management

  • Technology Solution Services

Department of Information Resources

  • Next Generation Data Center Services: Market Research, Strategy and Sourcing

National Defense Contractor Space & Airborne Systems

  • Data Center Consolidation & Migration and Managed Services

Leading online payment company

  • Data Center Consolidation & Migration

Department of Transportation
  • ERP implementation strategy and build-operate-transfer model 

Office of Information Technology

Enterprise IT Initiatives

Leading online payment company

  • Data Center Remediation & Power Upgrade Services

  • Data Center Consolidation / Migration

  • Statewide Computing Managed Services

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DR and Metro Sites)

  • Statewide Data Center Technical Cleaning Services

  • Enterprise ITSM/ITIL Platform (ServiceNow) Build & Operate

  • Office365 Migration and Managed Service

  • Enterprise SharePoint / Collaboration Upgrade and Managed Service

  • TrustOhio – Security as a Service

  • Enterprise Identity Platform (Identity/Access/Fraud)

  • Enterprise User Experience (Ohio Digital Experience)

  • Security as a Service (Penetration and Remediation Services)

  • 2016 NIST Identity Management Grant Award

  • Enterprise eLicensing Platform

  • Enterprise Document Management System

  • Enterprise ePayment System

  • Enterprise Digital Signature Platform

  • Public Cloud Platforms (Azure and AWS) Contracting

  • Enterprise Salesforce Platform Managed Service

  • Enterprise Salesforce Development Pool

  • Enterprise Application Platform Advisory and Oversight

  • Enterprise Data Private & Public Cloud Platforms

  • Enterprise Mobile Strategy and Tools

  • eMail DMARC Service Cloud

Adjutant General

  • Cyber Range (Security Testing as a Service)

Administative Services

  • Public Safety Radio Network (MARCS)

  • FirstNet

  • OAKS (ERP) Managed Service (HR & Procurement)

  • OAKS (ERP) Enterprise Business Intelligence

  • OAKS (ERP) Technical and Systems Upgade

  • Enterprise eProcurement as a Service

Budget and Management

  • Enterprise Grants Management

  • OAKS (ERP) Managed Service (Financials)

  • Enterprise Financial Shared Services Center

  • Data Analytics: Accounts Payable Controls, Payment Optimization and Fraud


  • Statewide Liquor Management System

  • Medical Marijuana Seed/Sales Sysems

  • Medical Marijuana Process Integrator

Development Services agency

  • Salesforce Center of Excellence

  • Data Analytics: Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP)

developmental disabilities

  • Deaf/Blind Technology Enablement

  • Smart City/Campus Initiatives

  • Data Analytics: Claims Processing Optimization and Fraud Analysis


  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, Performance Reporting


  • Data Analytics: Infant Mortality Exploratory Project

Health transformation

  • Medicaid Expansion / Elevation Organizational Change Management

higher education

  • High Ed Data Center / Infrastructure Consolidation Strategy

  • Ohio Workforce and Higher Ed. Technology Alignment Certifications, Education, Degree Program

JOb & Family Services

  • Medicaid Information Technology System (MITS) Build/Run

  • Early Childhood Data Warehouse / Reporting

  • Child Care Time & Attendance System


  • Medicaid Expansion Integrated Eligibility

  • Medicaid Systems IV&V

  • Medicaid IVR/CTI

Public safety

  • Oho Next Generation Driver's License / Identity Card

Rehibilitation and Correction

  • Pharmacy Benefit Management System

  • Data Analytics: Opioids & the Criminal Justice System


  • STARS iFile Identity Validation System

  • Data Analytics: Filing Fraud, Waste and Abuse


  • OAKSenterprise ERP Consolidation

Worker's Compensation
  • Workers Compensation System (CORE) Project Remediation

  • Workers Compensation System (CORE) System Managed Technical Services

  • Data Analytics: Managed Care Organization

  • Data Analytics Strategy: Data Driven Decision Making

Youth Services

  • DRC/DYS IT Shared Services Stategy

Office of the Lt. GoveRnor

  • Ohio Business Gateway 3.0

  • Gateway Master Integrator / Organizational Change Management

Office of the GoveRnor

  • Statewide Technology Strategy (Cabinet Summit)

  • Ohio Data Analytics: Platform and Expert Firms

  • Enterprise Data Sharing Agreement 

Ohio Legislature

  • Statewide Online Foreclosure Auction H.B. 390

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  • Absentee Voting System

Secretary of State


  • Ohio Open Data Strategy

  • County/Local Data Center Consolidation Strategy

  • State University Migration to State Data Center

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