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Stonyhurst Consulting is a leading Information Technology Strategy, Sourcing and Advisory boutique that is exclusively focused on the needs of innovative public and private sector clients. We develop, source and oversee nationally recognized technology strategies that take our clients to the next level by delivering meaningful change and lasting results. 

Innovative Strategies


The success of our clients speaks volumes about our creativity and capabilities as well as the expertise of our practitioners. We are proud to work with our clients to deliver results that they can count on and results that they can build on. Our project portfolio is just a sampling of the expertise we apply to our clients' challenges.

Predictable Outcomes

Why Stonyhurst?


Since our inception, our values are reflected in what we do and how we do it. We support our clients to help them shape their own environments. We understand their needs and guide them towards the best solutions. Our strategies and our values are simple, open and clear: Independent, Objective, Pragmatic. 

Collaborative Delivery

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